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Troubleshooting Guidelines In Case Of Lawn Mower Skipping

Troubleshooting Guidelines In Case Of Lawn Mower Skipping

Many people are troubled by their power equipment like the lawn mower. The lawn mowers could be pulsing or just sounding like they are skipping. They could be taking too long to start which could even consume all the gas in it. Despite the fact that one may have cleaned the filter, and even lubricated some working parts of the engine, the machine could still run poorly. However, in a case of lawn mower skipping, here are the guidelines on the common odds to check.

  • The air filter

One should check to know whether the air filter of his or her lawn mower is clean. Considering the type of the air cleaner, one should clean and replace it if necessary. For sure, a well-known cause of lawn mower skipping is a dirty air filter. Apparently, the dirt will prevent the mower engine from getting oxygen that is necessary for combustion.

  • Spark plug gap

Using the spark plug gap gauge, one should check the spark plug to ensure that the gap is set in the right distance as per the lawn mower manual. If the setting of the spark plug gap is wrong, then spark gap can be easily fouled with carbon.

  • Fuel filter

Apart from the air filter, one should check to see that the fuel filter of the lawn mower is clean. In fact, he or she can replace it if need be. Frankly, the dirt in the fuel filter will clog it. By so doing, it will restrict gasoline from flowing into the engine—the engine will therefore starve of fuel.

  • The carburetor

Among the things that an individual should check whether they are in good condition is the carburetor. Apparently, the carburetor controls the movement of air and fuels that will power the mower engine. Any problem with it will, therefore, make the power equipment engine to fail to start. Tye carburetor should be kept in clean condition every other time.

  • GasolineTroubleshooting Guidelines In Case Of Lawn Mower Skipping

The most common problem that small machines like the lawn mowers face is using a gas that some percentage of ethanol. In fact, the ethanol will gum up the carburetor thus limiting its efficiency. Notably, the two-cycle engines like chainsaws, blowers, and string trimmers experience this problem. Admittedly, the best gas that an individual should use for his or her lawn mower in the ethanol-free gasoline. For the better services, one should ensure that they extend the life of the shelf by adding fuel stabilizer. Besides, one should drain the gas tank and before using the mower, he or she should run it until it stops.

In conclusion, every individual should follow the above guidelines to troubleshoot a lawn mower skipping.