Picking the Scratching Post That Your Cat Will Love

Going home with a brand new scratching post for your cat surely gives you immense joy. But it can be so disheartening when your fur baby seem to ignore all your effort. When your pet cat still prefers scratching on your couch, this only means one thing. You made the wrong choice.

It is pretty much daunting to select a cat scratch pole these days. There are so many to choose from and they some are just so beautiful that they don’t seem have been made merely for a cat to scratch. If you go to a store with many collections of scratching post, they may look like miniature posts of ancient Greek buildings. But besides the aesthetic appeal, you should take note of the following considerations before deciding on one.

Height and Stability

Aside from being a scratching surface, scratching posts also serve as a post for your cat to climb. This purposes cannot be achieved if you buy a scratching post that is short. Cats also sometimes want to scratch while standing, so the post should be way over its height when standing on its hind feet.

Hollow poles may be the best option for cat scratching post because they are sturdy. Always test for stability before buying to prevent the post from tipping. The pole can fall on your cat or onto your feet, which can cause injuries.

Material Used

If the material does not appeal to your cat, chances are, your couch and walls will still have to endure your cat’s scratching until you finally find an ideal scratching post. Cats prefer strong materials that shred when scratched. Sisal can easily fit the criteria. Just choose sisal fabric over ropes because it shreds more. Unlike the ropes which are more condensed, sisal fabric allows the cats claws to have a god grip.

When choosing a scratching post, never go for a material that is quite similar in texture with that of your couch or carpet. Your cat may not see the difference and will continue to wreak havoc on your carpet or couch.

Variety of Surfaces

Cats also love variety, just as you do. If it is still possible, buy your cat more than one scratching post. If you have an upright scratching post now, buy a horizontal one also. Cats also like to scratch while sitting on their belly. If you have a sisal fabric on one post, the second one should have sisal rope on it. Sometimes, cats want challenges, so a sisal rope can provide that.

Cat scratching posts can be expensive. It is best to know the durable brands that may last longer to save you from buying a pricy scratching post any time soon.