Splash Acrylic – Kitchen

The kitchen is a hub of all cooking activities. In one way or another splashes occur. There is a need to have an easy to clean splash back. For the best customized splash acrylic for kitchen visit kitchen splashbacks. Apart from that, a beautiful kitchen is every mother’s goal.


Acrylic splashbacks and upstands

The latest trend in the kitchen is the up stands and acrylic splashbacks. They bring new life to Acrylic splashbacksthe kitchen. It has the perfect color for up stands and its durable. It is much cheaper than glass metal or tile alternatives.

It is advantageous since it can be cut to size to suit your requirements. Acrylic removes the need of have unsightly and unrequired joins thereby providing a clean, sleek finish.

Acrylic is plastic and should not be used near heat. Therefore it should not be used near a heat source. Electric hobs and rear of gas should not have acrylic. Alternatively, protection can be installed. 200mm layer of tiles or stainless steel can be used as protection to acrylic. Another alternative would be to avoid acrylic on the entire surface such as cook tops and provide a different type of material.


Maintaining acrylic in the kitchen is an easy task. An advantage is that acrylic does not yellow like glass yellow like glass. It can be washed by wiping with a damp rag. If scratched you can buff out the scratches. It is advisable to consider the type of acrylic during purchase to avoid scam. When buying consider strong kind of acrylic which is not susceptible to scratches.

Advantages and disadvantages

Acrylic is impact resistant and much stronger than regular glass.

It is also less heavy as compared to glass and other alternatives. Unlike other options, acrylic can be altered after installation to fit your needs. It is also cheaper than the others. Given its thickness acrylic is bullet proof. Scratches are not a worry with acrylic splashbacks. Buffing out splash backs will make it as good as new.


acrylicThe disadvantages of acrylic will depend on your choice during purchase. Cheap acrylic will crack over time. Hence you have to choose carefully. Acrylic also scratches easily. Installing acrylic should be done with a lot of care since joins can be made visible.

A significant disadvantage of acrylic is that it cannot be installed near heat sources. It is plastic which means heat can destroy it. Additional expenses can be incurred by putting a compensation material before installing acrylic.

Splash back are mandatory in the kitchen. You can use a splash back as well as be decorative. Acrylic is the best though with a few disadvantages. Nevertheless, nothing good come without a bad side.