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Can Pre-cum Cause Pregnancy?

The unplanned pregnancy may be devastating and even traumatizing to a couple. This is easy to understand because bringing forth a child requires proper planning both financially and even psychological. In the attempt to avoid pregnancy, sexually active people may prefer to use withdrawal as a natural contraceptive method.

General information


pregnant woman sitting on the grassThis chosen method is in the knowledge background that for there to be conception, there must be a release of semen in the vaginal canal and since pre-cum is not semen, then it cannot cause a woman to conceive.

The pre-ejaculation fluid is similar in composition to the semen but contains, significantly low sperm count, dead sperms or no sperms at all. The pre- cum fluid is released during the foreplay or arousal stages, but notably, it never occurs in all men.

Clear fluid

When released, the pre-cum appears on the tip of the penis as a clear fluid. However in a rare shift of events, recent scientific studies show that is indeed possible to get pregnant from pre-cum. The easiest explanation for the possibility is that the pre-cum ejaculation may contain sperm perhaps from a previous ejaculation. Typically, though, pre-cum does not include any sperms.

Pre-ejaculatory fluid

It is worth noting that the penis, through the Cowper’s gland releases a pre-ejaculatory fluid so to wash out the inside of the penis and therefore if there were any sperms left in the penis then the fluid will collect the sperms and may cause pregnancy.
Moreover, studies conducted by sexuality experts are also showing that some men will always have sperms in their pre-cum fluid. In a study on the presence of sperms in the pre-cum fluid, it was revealed that 41 percent of the tested men had sperm traces in the pre-cum fluid although the sperm count was very low. In another 27 percent of the sampled men, the pre-cum fluid was shown to contain sperms.

Million sperms

In more practical terms, it is worth noting that the semen has been shown to contain more than one hundred million sperms while the pre-cum fluid contains just about a few million sperms in some cases. Suffice to note; it will take one live sperm and a few helper sperms for a woman to conceive. Having a million sperms in the fluid, therefore, cannot be rubbished as containing zero chances of an active sperm and the helper sperms thereof.


belly of a pregnant womanIn conclusion the question whether pre-cum can cause pregnancy remains unsettled. If a couple wishes to use pull out as a contraceptive method, having the man urinate after an ejaculation mitigates the chances of sperms being contained in the pre-cum fluid. This is because urination will flush out sperms from the urethra thus killing them. However, if you need to enjoy sexual intercourse safely, bear in mind that the risks of pregnancy from a pre-cum are real.…